My TEDxErie Performance + “Erie’s Theme Song”

I was so honored to be asked to compose and perform the TEDxErie theme song, and I immediately knew how I wanted to tackle this project!

Carlaquarius LIVE at TEDxErie

I’d been provided with the TEDxErie theme: The Rising Tide, and given free reign to compose a song that reflected that theme and could be performed during transitions while our amazing speakers took the TEDx stage.

One of my very favorite things to do is dig in on a theme and “gather intel” and inspiration from trusted sources . . . I love the vibe of co-creating with fellow enthusiastic souls.

It’s how I compose my tribute songs and videos, when I ask family members to gather up their cherished pics and vids, quotes, and best memories of their loved ones so we can honor them with their own custom-composed song and gift.

I couldn’t wait to honor my city as a cherished loved one.  

And I knew the best way to do that was by reaching out to those who love our city as much as I do. 

It takes a village for a monumental international event like this.

And I just knew its theme song wouldn’t be the same with out YOUR input!

And today I want to give a shout out to all who contributed to this project.

I’m so excited for the official music video coming out soon, and I’m so grateful to all of our contributing lyricists for your comments and insights these last few months!

I can’t wait for you to hear your words inside this song!  (Help yourself right here!

Thank you for being you, and for taking the time to write this song with me!

<3 <3 <3  #IHeartErie

Click here to check out the contributors and their lyrics in this PDF!

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