Mindful Maven vintage: Tying one on with The Scarf Lady

Hi, friends,
Yes we did.
We tied one on. And you can see the whole thing!
**Warning: you cannot laugh quietly when hanging out with “The Scarf Lady”, so if you’re in a place where you have to stifle, you may want to save this video for later!
MINDFUL MAVEN FEB thumbnail Scarf Lady

As you’ll see, Janet Kassir is a glowing source of positive energy and scarf-tying expertise, using her talents to empower all around her. For these reasons and more, she is my choice for February 2014’s “Mindful Maven” here at Carlaquarius.com
And because she ALWAYS over delivers, you’ll have access below to her free PDF.
Now my favorite parts of this interview involve the spilling of some “wine” and some overall shenanigans. But. . . it’s not what you think! . . .

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You’re about to learn THE most exciting new ways to tie on, care for, express yourself in – and fall in love with – fashion’s #1 accessory, and the Scarf Diva who ties it all together.
And – you can WIN FREE SCARVES in the comments below. Keep reading… : )

*Behind the scenes sidenote: While we were adjusting our set, Janet’s sweet angel doggie “Jade” decided to devour Janet’s new mouth retainer as a little snack. If you’ve ever had orthodontic work done, you know what an upset this would be – and right before an interview!
When we found Jade with her tail between her legs, Janet was visibly crushed – for all of 30 seconds. She allowed herself this moment: “OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod” then swiftly carried on prepping for the interview, and in moments, it was forgotten.
Later I wondered: was it a natural built-in gift, or maybe a conditioned part of her personality (one perhaps we all have the ability to exercise) that quickly determined Janet’s choice, to move on when it might have been tempting to dwell?
Either way, it serves her well and it was fun to ponder. We’ll have to ask her next time (or in the comments below!)

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2 ways to WIN:
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1- Ask The Scarf Lady your burning questions. If she likes YOUR question the best, YOU WIN a FREE scarf!
2 – Guess how many scarves we featured LIVE in the video. (Count does not include scarves in photographs.) The most accurate count, without going over, WINS a FREE scarf!
Of course, we’d love to read any comments you’d like to leave about the video, and/or just plain warm fuzzies you want to send out into the Universe.
Take action: Download your FREE guide from The Scarf Lady!
“The Scarf Lady’s Guide to Tying on Your Passion.”
To sassy scarves & even sassier friends all in one day,
And a special thanks for being here for my very first “Mindful Maven” interview.
Here’s to more and I’d love to feature YOU someday!
much, much, love,

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