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The Mindful Maven Mastermind 
Featuring Certified High Performance Coaching with elite trainer,

Carla Fleming

*There is currently a wait-list for this mastermind.

If you’d like to be notified when it re-opens,

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2015 Information:  

(Info subject to change for 2016 Mastermind.)

  • Experience the quantum leap changes in your life and/or business, that you never thought possible, or could have even dreamed.  

  • Get the support you’ve always needed to calmly and graciously, take it all to the next level and become the Mindful Maven of your own life and goals.

  • Work with one of the most elite High Performance trainers on the planet to double your clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence, and see why folks are talking about the Mindful Maven movement.  


*12 LIVE Certified High Performance Coaching group sessions, led by Carla Fleming

Outside of the US or can’t make a meeting in person?  Carla will personally Skype you in.  All calls and live meetings are also recorded and placed in your private members area, so you’ll never miss a meeting, even when you have to miss a meeting!

*2 one on one private sessions with Carla

Focus on and expand exactly what you need to skyrocket your life and/or business in 2016. Identify and eliminate obstacles, challenges, and blocks holding you back.  One call will prep you for your first group meeting, and one call will set you up for a powerful and momentous close to the mastermind.

*Secure and private online members area via our state-of-the-art membership site.

All coaching tools, videos, audios, and PDF notes will be placed in your members area for you.

(No digging through emails or posts to catch up if you need to miss a meeting – everything will be right there inside the walls of your beautiful private members area!)

*Graduation ceremony evening excursion – details to blow your mind.

(Not to mention the graduation BONUSES you’ll receive in your members’ area upon completing your coaching!)

All this and more.

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*VIP trip of a lifetime to San Diego with Carla, for High Performance Academy LIVE (with Brendon Burchard!)

Includes hotel, air-fare, and a special private dinner out with Carla. 
Rather not travel?  I’ll personally deliver the value of this trip’s total monetary worth to you, in private, one-on-one sessions at your convenience.

*Need to cut the trip short for work?  We can also book your travel to suit your needs.

***Please note: Carla has reserved 12 tickets to this world class LIVE training for you and 11 other high achievers in the mastermind. At the time of this offer, there are STILL tickets available to the event.  If the event sells out before you have submitted your registration, Carla is not able to hold your seat, as the event is first come first served.  (You can still attend the San Diego trip along with the group and enjoy the luxury hotel and activities, or choose to redeem this bonus via the private, one-on-one coaching with Carla, mentioned above.)

*Please register immediately if you KNOW you want the FREE ticket, event hotel, and the all-expense paid trip!

*Air-fare covered up to $500. If the event hotel sells out before we receive your registration, we’ll book you in the hotel right next door.   The special private dinner out with Carla is the only meal included.


*Private Facebook group for our fellow members only.

This group will continue on after our work together so you’ll always have a place to connect with your mastermind family.


*BONUS excursions with guest master instructors.

All Bonus meetings will be recorded and placed in your members area for you, so you’ll never have to miss the pop-up bonus sessions with world-renowned master instructors.


*Perhaps the most important bonus of all: For every single member of The Mindful Maven Mastermind. . . 

A scholarship mastermind will be awarded to a member of one of Erie, Pennsylvania’s most respected personal development non-profits that are empowering area entrepreneurs.

Your registration directly supports a member of Erie’s non-profit support system, to receive the same high-level High Performance Coaching that you will receive, and to participate in a Mindful Maven Mastermind with a group of their peers.

These scholarship recipients will form a mastermind of their own and will join you at your graduation ceremony, so that you can meet the lives you have changed and share your journeys.

YOU can give the same gift of empowerment and transformation you’ll experience in your own life, to someone who may need it even more.

Have questions?  Let’s hop on the phone together to see if this is a right fit for you.

CASE STUDY:  “I went from being the mouse in the corner to the president of the board!”

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FAQ: What is a Mindful Maven?

With the mindfulness movement well underway, a “mindful maven” is one who takes it upon themselves to become a maven (or expert) of their own lives, with a vision of conscious individual growth leading to a better world for all.

In the Mindful Maven Mastermind, you will leverage the most powerful social learning tool on the planet: The Mastermind, guided by a world record holding team leader, and a group of like-minded fellow members who have raised their hands to become the highest performing versions of themselves.

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FAQ: Why does masterminding work?

Masterminds are used by the world’s most successful people to take their lives and businesses to the next level.  They are a fast-track to goal achievement with a built-in system of accountability.

When done correctly, the synergy and good will of a mastermind’s members raises the vibration of the group.  Growth, goals, and breakthroughs are attained quickly.

There is such a power in group work, where seeming coincidences abound and synchronistic opportunities arise that don’t seem to present themselves when we’re trying to “do it all” on our own.

As Hill shares in his legendary best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich, 

“The ‘Master Mind’ may be defined as: coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

“No individual may have great power without availing himself of the Master Mind.”


“I was working 3 different retail jobs and trying to juggle a hectic schedule. . . “

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Your Time is Now.

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FAQ: What is High Performance?

High Performance is a feeling, and a knowing, that you are living from and into your fullest potential, outperforming yourself and even others consistently, and over the long-term.

It is the experience of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from excelling and succeeding as your highest self.

In this High Performance Coaching mastermind, you will learn the neuroscientifically proven High Performance strategies directly from elite Certified High Performance Coach Carla Fleming, to maximize your own levels of Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence.

High Performers are meaning makers.  They train themselves to be self-reliant, to be open and observant to the present moment, and to honor their challenges, so that they are living their lives from a place of bold enthusiasm, as opposed to a place of choatic struggle or fear.

High Performers are clear in their mission and purpose, they have the energy and stamina to accomplish their goals healthily, they take bold and courageous action to achieve their dreams, have systems in place to keep them productive, and eliminate the distractions holding them back.  They develop their skills of influence, to guide and inspire those whom they love, work with, and lead.

You are not alone in this.

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CASE STUDY:  “My emotionally abusive relationship was sucking the life out of me.”

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Have questions?  Let’s hop on the phone together to see if this is a right fit for you.

Get the support you need.