A happy story. . .

Once upon a time, dear friend,

There was a beautiful “little” city, nestled on the shores of a great lake.

This humble metropolis was full of belly dancers with even greater hearts.

Together, these dancers were destined to claim a BIG title ~ one that anyone looking on may have assumed would be “meant” for much bigger cities around the world.

It was the world record title, for the largest Shimmy Mob team in history.

Surely it would be “won” by cities with taller buildings, bigger lights ~ millions of people.

Huge cities scattered all around the globe.

For who could have thought, in that context, that Erie Pennsylvania had a chance?

Shimmy Mob ladies

Photo by Ron Vollentine

Well. . .

We did. 😉

We worked together as a team of belly dancers, enthusiasts, and donors, spreading the word, far and wide.

We reached out on Facebook.

We shared our message of hope and help, and of the liberation of our own survivors.

Survivors of domestic violence, many of whom joined our team to dance for the first time and support Shimmy Mob’s mission: to raise awareness and funds for domestic abuse survivors worldwide.

We told our circles of friends, and everyone who would listen, that we’d be belly dancing for this worthy cause.

And, as you could imagine, the first time we received that global honor ~ we couldn’t believe our eyes and ears!

Diane and Cherie

Photo by Ron Vollentine

But then again the following year ~ we held on strong and shimmied our hearts out once more.

Ginessa and girls 2015

And presently, in the year 2016, our dreams bigger than ever ~ we’ve surprised even ourselves by breaking our OWN world record ~

Together, as a team, on a mission, as a mighty force ~ as mighty as the lake we live upon, we hope that we have made our city proud.

The Flagship City.

Home of the SeaWolves and of Presque Isle, and of so much comradery in so many places.

Our beloved Gem City ~

On behalf of Shimmy Mob Team Erie, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Shimmy Mob 2016 official practice photo

For making YOUR city, the bearer of an international title that will remain with us all forever.

You’re even cooler than you are as the recipient of the most snowfall nationally.  😉

And there’s even more to your essence, than your most beautiful freshwater beaches in the nation (where we often love to belly dance by drum circle and bonfire).

You are now officially home to, the most kind-hearted, the most giving, and bravest belly dance souls in the world!

Many of whom will be dancing courageously for their VERY FIRST performance ~
LIVE this coming weekend.

Now why, you may ask, are they shimmying out of the safety of their comfort zones, and into the (probably quite chilly for May, even in Erie) spotlight ~

In the middle of a packed Erie SeaWolves Stadium ~ with all eyes on them, for their debut belly dance exposition?


They’re doing it for you, Erie.

For the people in your city who need help finding their voice.

For your accredited domestic abuse agency which sees approximately 1500 victims per year.

For those who have fallen prey to the insidious or even outright evils of domestic violence,
and who need our help.

For those whom the conversation and awareness we’re sparking, could literally,

save their lives.

Please, if you can, help us help save their lives, find their voice, claim their healthier relationships,

as we have claimed this title.

We shimmy for you, Erie,

And we hope you can give for them.

Our final goal in our 2016 Shimmy Mob worldwide adventure is to raise $10,000 for the people who needs us.

We could never do it alone.

And no donation is too small or too large.

Can you help us, people of the Sweet Sea?

We’ll do the dancing, if you can do the giving.

You can even join us LIVE at the show ~ to see the dance and hear from our charity’s director,Robin of SafeNet

Photo by Ron Vollentine

My dear friend and the fabulous Robyn, who is known to give more time than she has, to help SafeNet give more hope than their clients’ could have thought possible.

We love you, Erie!

THANK YOU for making Team Erie the WORLD RECORD HOLDER for 3 years in a row!

We’ll give you everything we’ve got.

We’ve practiced and practiced, and struggled and laughed with ourselves, and hugged and supported one another. . .

Practice 1

And we ask you now, from your heart,

Can you give to our cause today?

Please help us give our story a very happy ending.

We invite you to dedicate your donation, in honor or in memory, of someone you love.

Thank you for the adventures of these last 3 years together!

With so much appreciation, and with many more shimmies to come ~

Your world record holding Shimmy Mob Team: Erie, Pennsylvania,

and your ever grateful, amazed, and excited team leader,


P.S. Here’s that link to donate ~ please give whatever you’re able.   xoxox

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