$23,000 – My Biggest Blogging News Yet!

My friend, you’ve been there from the very beginning.

I started writing to you here on the Carlaquarius blog just 9 months ago.

(I guess you could call it “my baby” now. ;))

In that short time, you’ve inspired me to share more of my musical whims. . .

And to stay strong when the technical stuff (I’m more the creative type) needs attention.

You’ve been there for me, and I wanted YOU to be the first to know. . .  

I’ve just been awarded a scholarship in the amount of $23,000!

(I’ve stopped jumping up and down by now, but my fingers still shake as I write this.)

Effective immediately, I’m one of a select group of bloggers worldwide, now being mentored in a year-long program, by the blogging superhero of our time:

Jon Morrow.

Founder of some of the web’s most popular blogs and an all-around endearing, inspirational genius, Jon is someone I’ve wanted to meet (let alone work with!) since before I began.

And because I SO want to use my blog to uplift lives and spread the good in the world, something in my gut said, “Apply!” for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

(I’m really glad I listened to my gut!  It does more than belly dance for me. ;))

For the next YEAR, I’ll be chatting with Jon weekly, meeting with him IN PERSON, and turning in my “homework” for his personal review! 

(EEEK!!! I am only a little terrified if you must know!)

As mentioned, at first I jumped, cried, screamed, and laughed (all at the same time, if you can picture it).

And then. . . uh-oh. One of those uninvited fear-based thoughts popped into my head:  “Whoah, this is gonna be a LOT of time and really hard WORK!”


But, within seconds, I was back to the jumping, because my gut spoke up again:

“Trust me, Car. It’s the right time for this.”

And when I thought of YOU, it was a DONE DEAL to accept. 

I thought of how you’ve taken a chance on me, by granting me a little corner of your inbox.

How you share fantastic insights in the lively discussions. You tweetpin, and facebook  me when we resonate with each other.

Together, we’ve grown this blog into something special.

Something to garner my superhero’s attention!

So, I wanted to say . . .

Carlaquarius Thank You

For being you.  For keeping in touch with me.

For sharing in my joys and challenges.  For sharing yours with me.

As I work / grow with Jon over the next year, learning, making changes, and enduring grueling hours of homework. . . 

I know it will all be worth it.

Because YOU will be on the other side of every post I write.

Because YOU are one of my original peeps on this path!

And I promise to work my hardest to make stopping by, always worth your while.

Getting a new song ready just for you, to show how much I mean it.  

Stay tuned!

So here’s to YOU, to going with our guts, to my new mentor, and to the world becoming a little smaller every so often. (I really LOVE a small world!)

In the comments, I’d love to hear from your gut.

Tell me about a time when you went with it, and were grateful that you did.

With SO MUCH LOVE and appreciation while I continue to process this crazy news,


P.S. Wanna help me spread the word?  Use the buttons below to share ~ let’s keep growing this baby! 😉

P.P.S.  Of course, all the while, I’ll be belly dancing. . . Classes start this coming week!  Get your Shimmy on with me!

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