1 million?! Thanks to YOU!


I owe you a BIG love note and a huge THANK YOU.   

One of the world’s most-followed public figures is about to give my video ~ the one YOU made so popular ~ a big shout out, to his 1 million followers on Facebook!!

(I might be freaking out just a little 😉 but we both know that when something feels this scary but EXCITING at the same time, it’s likely *just* what we’re supposed to be doing, right?!)

I’ve learned so much in mentorship these last 3 years with Brendon Burchard.  

I share his work often so if you haven’t “met” him on my pages, perhaps you’ve seen him on Larry King or hanging with Oprah.  

He’s igniting the world with High Performance, and as one of only 300 elite Certified High Performance Coaches worldwide, I’ve been truly honored to help him do so!  

And now, my main mentor’s gonna share my work!  

You see, last year, I committed to Brendon’s video challenge, when I attended World’s Greatest Speaker Training with him in California.  

You know how I love a good challenge, and this one entailed my publishing 1 video to Youtube, every single week, without fail, for 1 year.

Brendon’s encouragement was that this would help me become more comfortable, more consistent, more extemporaneous, and help me share my message more visibly and passionately with the world.

I think it’s working.    

Because there YOU were ~ so very gracious with your comments and support and encouragement, as I pushed through my comfort zone and posted my (amateur but ambitious) videos each week!  

I wonder if I’d have kept this up without your interaction.    It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  But your feedback kept me going.

Some weeks I felt really good about what I was putting out into the ether. . .   

But there were also super busy weeks when I just barely made my posting ~ scrambling to shoot, edit, and upload *just* before the clock struck midnight!   Whew!!

Then there were weeks where I thought I might throw up a little after I clicked publish.  😉   The deadline was the boss and, ready or not, it was go time!

Though the challenge is over now, I’ve left all my videos in place, because this is a part of my learning journey that I hope will inspire you, too.  

It can be daunting, putting yourself out there as our favorite gurus encourage us to do.  

But the rewards can be be immeasurable. . .

I really can’t thank Brendon enough for daring me this way.  For helping me get over myself. Push my boundaries.  Serve people.  Ditch the script.  Manage the deadlines.  Appreciate the journey.  

And now most of all: to challenge others to do the same.  

Because I’ve since issued a similar dare for the members of my private mastermind for entrepreneurs, and they tell me their businesses and lives have been affected by this quest in many of the same ways I experienced:  

Expanded reach on Facebook and social media, strengthened bonds with their clients and within their communities, lots of new business, and an overall comfort and courage behind the camera!

(If you’re a creative entrepreneur with big dreams and a hint of a rebel side, and you’re interested in hearing more about my elite mastermind, let me know by hitting reply to this email and I’d be happy to send you an application if it seems like a good fit.)  

(I’ll be sharing some of their awesome (hilarious!) and extremely inspiring videos with you soon as our own challenge is about to wrap for round one, so stay tuned.  I’ve got prizes of my own to deliver to these rockstars and I really can’t wait!!)

So, my dear friend, if you will, please keep an eye out on Facebook for this epic share coming soon.

One million is certainly the most people I’ve ever reached at one time and I’m feeling truly blessed and open and (hopefully) ready for whatever new avenues this excitement may bring.

I owe so much to the true mentors in my life, who have given me their all and pushed me to dream big and fearlessly (which I hope/think I do more often than not now).  

I hope this video will continue to lead like-minded folks to our Mindful Maven Book Club (Party!), which I understand (from your juicy comments!) is uplifting lives and inspiring avid readers worldwide ~ something I’m very proud to be creating with you!

And leave me a comment below to let me know ~ what’s a dare or challenge you’ve been issued or have had to face, and what did it teach you about yourself or your skill?  

I’ll be replying to every comment and I’d love to hear what you have to say.

So many thanks for your encouragement and support.  And I hope you’ll always reach out when I can support you in return.  

Whether through my free Youtube show, my one to one business and life High Performance coaching, or my private masterminds, I’m committed to helping you and others reach their own levels of High Performance and achieving that Mindful Maven mindset that I hold dear, because living this way has amplified my life immensely, and because I love to share.  😉

Wishing you all the BEST moments of the new Fall season!

To ALL your dreams coming true,

love always,


P.S. The Mindful Maven Book Party is BACK after summer vaca for our 1 year anniversary!  Be sure you’re subscribed to get our new selection when I announce it later this month!

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